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But sometimes I really miss being part of a workout class. Doing spin classes actually works for me, because if I sit in the back by a fan so I dont overheat and my feet are strapped into that bike, I can manage the type and intensity of class my body allows me to do. It really makes me feel like I got my heart rate going and I got to do a fun thing with my friends. Theres always a spiritual journey, too, if you have a good instructor. So it always just feels really good and so for me, when I can, those are the things I like to do. My best wellness hack: Definitely sleep, sleep, and more sleep. I opt out of a lot of things a lot of the time because my day was long and I know what I want to accomplish the next day. So if I push myself that night, it would be a lot harder for me. My best wellness advice is: be kind to yourself. I had somebody recently tell me to stop and ask before I make a decision, Am I being kind or am I being harmful to myself with this decision? It could be anything, as insignificant as going out to dinner with your friends. Sometimes you dont have that choice, and I get that, but when you can, its just been a really nice tool that Ive had in my life thats allowed me to have a lot of freedom and really feel like Im taking care of myself and putting me first sometimes.

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Jacqui Hames Ms Hames alleges that she and Mr Cook were placed under surveillance by the newspaper because of their involvement in investigating the Morgan murder. Image caption Jacqui Hames was a detective constable in the Met police when she appeared on BBC's Crimewatch in 1997 The judicial review application suggests Ms Hames settled her phone-hacking claim against the News of the World without insisting on a disclosure process because "she believed that relevant information would become available to her as a result of part two of the inquiry". She also claims that she was personally assured by former Prime Minister David Cameron that a second inquiry would take place. On launching the 10-week consultation, Culture Secretary Karen Bradley said she wanted to seek the views of the public, interested parties and the victims of press abuse before making a final decision. A second phase of the inquiry would look at the extent of unlawful conduct in media groups and the police and how allegations were investigated. 'Frustrate government's aims' In submitting the judicial review application, Ms Hames is joined by a website called Byline, which allows freelance journalists to publish stories free of editorial interference. Byline has joined Impress, an approved regulator that is funded partly by Max Mosley, the former motor racing boss who was a victim of a newspaper sting. Whereas Ms Hames is hoping to ensure part two of the Leveson Inquiry takes place, Byline is hoping to ensure that Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013, from which it would benefit, is not dropped because of lobbying from newspaper groups. Many judicial reviews do not end up in court but if this one does, it is likely to frustrate the government's aim to make a clear decision on the next step in the saga of press regulation. Campaigners, including the Hacked Off group, argue that the original recommendations of Lord Leveson's report have not been acted on and ought to be. However, newspaper groups have said their own regulator, the Independent Press Standards Organisation, chaired by former Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Moses, offers a robust system of self-regulation that retains the independence of a free press.

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